We understand that your fine jewellery is a valuable possession and keeping it clean and shiny is top priority. Getting your fine jewellery professionally cleaned by jewellers is a good option.



Equally important is storing your fine jewelry the correct way to ensure that it doesn’t get scratched or accumulate dirt over time.

1. Store in a Cool and Dry Place 

Fine jewellery needs to be kept away from excess heat and humidity. To maintain the brilliance of your fine jewellery store them in a cool and dry place.

2. Protect Your Jewellery Against Scratches and Tangles 

Store your jewellery in a soft and clean environment to avoid dirt and scratches. Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth. You should ideally store your jewellery pieces individually to make sure they don’t scratch against other gemstones or metals, preferably in your SP pouches and boxes. To maintain the lustre of your jewellery, place it in re-sealable poly bags/air-tight container to prevent it from oxidation. Remember to also hook your necklace to a part of the pouch to prevent tangling. Alternatively, you could hang your long and dainty necklaces in a sheltered cupboard. 



1. Using Abrasive Chemicals 

Steer clear of harsh chemicals such as bleach, acetone or powdered detergent to clean your fine jewelry. Avoid wearing your fine jewellery when cleaning dishes, bathing, gardening or doing housework for abrasive cleaners and chemicals found in certain products can damage the metals and gemstones.  

2. Applying Lotions, Makeup and Perfume After Putting on Your Fine Jewellery  


The chemicals found in perfume, hairspray, make-up, nail polish remover, sun-tan lotion, body oils and deodorant can also be harmful to your fine jewellery - best to use these before putting your jewellery on when getting ready.

3. Excessive Physical Activity


It is best to avoid playing tactile sports for high pressure impacts on your fine jewellery can loosen the setting. Another consequence of strenuous physical activity is excessive sweating. Sweating and dirt build up can over time dull the appearance of your fine jewellery.


All STONE AND PEARL products are very delicate; it cannot be handled roughly under any circumstance. There's a lot of design planning and visual consideration before we make a piece to maintain its delicate design aesthetic.

However, SP is happy to repair your item for you. Repairs start at Rs. 100 and will increase depending on the extent of the damage. For online orders, please provide photos of the issue so we can determine the best course of action. Incase the customer informs about the damage caused from our end or during transit and supports it with imagery within 24 hours of receiving the product, we shall be happy to repair it for you with no additional cost.