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Cat’s eye gemstone, named after its prominent resemblance with the eyes of a cat, is renowned for its healing powers and the ability to enhance intellect and wisdom in a person. The intriguing gem has a distinct appearance and metaphysical powers that have fascinated us for time immemorial. It is the gemstone of Planet Ketu and is believed to eliminate the harmful impact of Rahu and Ketu on our lives.

Cat's Eye Bracelet

1.530,00₹ Precio
1.071,00₹Precio de oferta
Impuesto incluido
  • Cat's eye

Worldwide shipping.

Ethically sourced precious & semi-precious gemstones in solid gold & sterling silver.

Handcrafted, designed & packed with love.

Ready to gift. Our jewellery comes in a beautiful reusable gift box or pouch with a personalized card.

Unique and rare, one-of-a-kind gemstone jewellery.

Lifetime of shine with our free plating service.

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