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Jewels As Unique As You Are


Stone And Pearl creates jewellery that is as varied as the personalities and lifestyles of the wearers worldwide. Hand-cut, hand-made, and skilfully designed, our creations epitomise artistry, elegance and beauty. Nature is our biggest inspiration that helps us creating our one of a kind jewels. All our pieces are colourful, timeless and unique. At the heart of our work is the sincere desire to imbue wearers with artfulness and audacity.


A Creative Journey

Born and brought up in Jaipur, and growing up in a jewellery-loving family, Preksha’s love for fine jewellery can be traced back to her childhood. “My father introduced me to the world of jewels at an early age when he got the most prettiest pair of diamond earrings on my birthday and continued the tradition till date. Since then I was clear about my interests.”, said Preksha. 


With an aim to create something of her own, she mustered all her passion for art and moved to Bangkok, Thailand soon after completing her high school to pursue jewellery making and gemology at AIGS. Preksha sought to combine affordable jewellery, female ethos and meticulously designed quality pieces and developed Stone And Pearl, synonym of creativity and colour, in Jaipur in 2020. Stone And Pearl deals in aesthetic, authentic, precious and semi-precious gemstone jewellery in solid gold, gold filled, gold vermeil and sterling silver.

No Shortcut To Experience & Quality Above All Else

We're a second generation jewellery business, our founder spent her days growing up in Jaipur, the global gem and jewellery power of the world while her father learned the trade and built his skill. We continue that experience and bring their knowledge directly to you in the new age of jewellery shopping. Each piece of Stone And Pearl is designed by our founder Preksha and handcrafted by the brilliant karigars of Jaipur who understand quality and craftsmanship above all else.  We use our generational knowledge and family relationships to source directly to avoid extra markups. We believe that carefully chosen materials, creative design and hand-made construction can turn a piece of jewellery into a personal talisman, a timeless favorite.

As a women-led business born and grown in India, we find power in femininity. We seek to promote female-focused causes and Make in India projects.

"You're one of a kind and your jewellery should be too. No two stones from mother nature are the same making each piece unique."


Creation Process

At Stone And Pearl we specialise in high quality and ethically sourced diamond and gemstone jewellery. Discover each step of our creation process, from sourcing the diamonds, gemstones, designing, creating and finally styling our fine jewellery pieces.

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